Triangulation 2 opens Friday 21 August at 6-8pm

A collaborative project by Julie Brooke & Susan Buret

Opening Friday 21 August 6-8pm
Open 11am - 5pm Friday - Sunday 22 Aug - 6 Sept 
Artists' talks - 3 pm on Sunday 6 September

Triangulation refers to a dialogue between Brooke and Buret that concerns not only the geometric forms with which they
work, but also the mathematical process of using two fixed points to determine a new, unknown value.  Working two
hundred kilometers apart, this dialogue often takes the form of intuitive responses to ideas expressed in emails
and conversations,  as well looking at and responding to works in progress.

In the summer of 2014 Brooke and Buret both began making work using the colours and forms of butterflies.  
Brooke’s paintings arose from a collaboration with applied mathematicians who analyse complex structures inside
 butterfly wing scales, while Buret’s work was informed by her observations of Blue Jewel butterflies,
Hypochrysops delicia, in her garden.  Using the shared visual language of grids and geometric forms, Brooke and Buret
 explore the possibilities of tapestry, painting and modular constructions to establish the third point of the triangle.

Julie Brooke Minimal Surface Gouache, pencil and acrylic on board, 30 x 30 cm 
Susan Buret Floored, 2014, acrylic on ply, 480 x 350 x 12 cm approx.
Julie Brooke Entangled Labyrinth Gouache and pencil on paper, 24  x 24 cm
Susan Buret  Monarch, 2015, flashe vinyl on mdf, 65 x 130 cm approx     

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THE MOTOR SHOW opens Friday 31st July, 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Sat 1st August to Sunday 16th August

Coordinated by Linden Braye, Sue Callanan and Emma Wise

Artists: Tania Alexander, Linden Braye, Sue Callanan, Sach Catts, Janine Clark, Steven Fasan, Ursula Frederick, Justin Henderson, Noelene Lucas, Mad Mick, Brenton Alexander Smith, Anke Stäcker, David Watson, and Emma Wise.

The Sydney Motor Show isn’t on this year so come to The Motor Show 2015 instead!

The show draws inspiration from its site – a former car repair workshop located amongst the car yards of Parramatta Road – and, taking the car as its point of departure, travels through nostalgia, the materiality of the motor, the crash, and the symbolic realm of the automobile.

Works range from installation and video to performance, sound and photography. At least two actual cars will be in the show, including a vintage Cord (and knowledgeable owner).
view from Mad Mick's The Rolling Sculpture. Photo Emma Wise
David Watson ACTION #1  Victoria Road, Rozelle  2015
Anke Stäcker When Nancy Comes to Town 2015

Janine Clark 2001:524 2015 (Light, sound, shadows, windscreen, maps)

Brenton Alexander Smith Undead Appliance (2015) video, 5:33
Justin Henderson agent bland 2013

Sach Catts Experimental Reading: On the [Ropes] (2015)

Mad Mick The Rolling Sculpture 1937-2015 - photo by Sue Callanan

Emma Wise On the Road: A Recollective (Australia and Papua New Guinea) 2015

Steven Fasan SENSO TITOLO 7/2015.

Sue Callanan Recall 2015

Noelene Lucas Leaving  Leaving  9 minutes SD video  (1999/2015)

U.K. Frederick  Parkville Motor Company  (2012)  4.20 min HD video

Tania Alexander Avtomekhanik II, hand-stitched felt, installation


FLOOR WORKS - photos by Linden Braye

Loma Bridge, Julian Woods, Elizabeth Day

Lynne Eastaway

Justin Henderson, Hana Hoogedeure

Justin Henderson, Hana Hoogedeure

Loma Bridge

Loma Bridge

Elizabeth Day

Elizabeth Day, Chantal Grech, Beata Geyer

Front-back: Beata Geyer, Heidi Abraham, Nicole Ellis, Chantal Grech, Elizabeth Day, Julian Woods,
Loma bridge, Hana Hoogadeure, Lynne Eastway, Justin Henderson


Heidi Abraham, Beata Geyer, Nicole Ellis

Hana Hoogadeure, Nicole Ellis, Elizabeth Day,Chantal Grech, Beata Geyer, Linden Braye

Sarah Fitzgerald Xx (ArticulateUpstairs)

Linden Braye

Heidi Abraham, Beata geyer

Chantal Grech
front-back: Nicole Ellis, Heidi Abraham, Beata Geyer, Linden Braye