SOLIDARITY artists' studios

One of the things Marta Ferracin is doing in her SOLIDARITY studio is working out how to grow miniature plants by protecting them from light and bacteria. She is also working with sound. Find out more about this on Saturday 10 June at 2.30 - 3.30pm (see program in earlier post). Photo: 


SOLIDARITY is open from Saturday 27 May

(Image credit – Cal Power, ‘Art school protest’)


EXHIBITION DATES: Saturday 27th May - Sunday 18th June
OPENING HOURS: Fri/Sat/Sun – 11am-5pm
 PLEASE NOTE: There will not be an opening on the first Friday as normal.
See program of events instead.

EXHIBITION DATES: Saturday 27th May – Sunday 18th June



Curated by Akil Ahamat, Sarah Fitzgerald, Delilah Lyses-sApo and Alexandra Mitchell, Solidarity will show the work of sixteen current and recent students of Sydney College of the Arts, National Art School, UNSW Art & Design and UTS. The exhibition will demonstrate the need to secure the diversity of art education in Sydney. Throughout the duration of the exhibition sixteen artists will use the project space as their studio space, w
orking in sixteen mini studio spaces. The studios will be open to the public who are invited in to see the process of art making, to talk with the artists and to see the final work at the Closing Party on Saturday 17th June from 6-8pm. 


The audience is invited to come and visit throughout the duration of the exhibition to see the process of each artist and how their work transforms over the four week period. There will also be an opportunity for the audience to make statements regarding the importance of the diversity of art education in Sydney, sharing their thoughts in a live blog. 

1 – 2pm: Panel Discussion – Solidarity = Stability: This panel discussion will meditate on the need to maintain the diversity of art school’s in Sydney as well as the notion that with solidarity between the art schools there may be stability.
2-3:30pm: Performance: Mending the Memory Gap #3 - Stella Chen 
2.30 - 3.30pm: Matter and Organic Resonance: Marta Ferracin with Trevor Brown:
Trevor Brown will perform live on saxophones, flutes and clarinets. The sounds will be digitally frozen and positioned in time and space. Natural harmonics, overtones and microtones will be played to create sympathetic vibrations that interact with Marta Ferracin's slime mould. 
3:30-4:30pm: Solidarity Artist Talks: artists will discuss their work, artistic process, what it has been like working in the project space and own thoughts on the current uncertainty surrounding Sydney’s art schools.

3-6pm: Performance: Mending the Memory Gap #3 - Stella Chen 
5:30-5:45pm: Performance: Matter and Musical Motion (plate bells, piano and voce) - Marta Ferracin with Kim Cunio and Heather Lee:
Kim Cunio and Heather Lee will play with plate bells and intervals of piano and voce to generate a cosmic musical motion inspired by the concept of growing found in nature. The cyclic nature of the music is designed to mirror the organic motion happening in the installation itself. 

SCA - Kalanjay DhirMarta Ferracin, Delilah Lyses-sApo, Sophie Suttonberg
NAS  -  Dominic Byrne, Sarah Fitzgerald, Elizabeth Hogan, Elizabeth Rankin
UNSW A&D  -  Stella Chen, Alexandra Mitchell, Caoife Power, Douglas Schofield
UTS  -  Akil Ahamat, Ayesha Wasique, Kristina Savic, Rathai Manivannan


There is no stability without solidarity and no solidarity without stability.
-Jose Manuel Barroso (2010)

 There has been much disruptive rumour and speculation about the future of the art schools in Sydney and this has resulted in an overwhelming feeling that an arts education is undervalued and unsupported by current governments. Threats of closures and mergers have led to an atmosphere of uncertainty that makes it almost impossible for both academics and students to function let alone thrive as they should. 

(Image credit – Sarah Fitzgerald, ‘Visions of utopia: Bauhaus’)
Studios are a vital part of an art education and the community of an art school. The studio is a place where creative freedom is supported within a challenging, academically critical environment and this is where an arts community, that continues beyond art school, is established. 
(Image credit –Sarah Fitzgerald, ‘Dividing the space’)
Throughout the duration of Solidarity, Articulate project space downstairs gallery will be converted into sixteen studio spaces. Tape will be used to divide the gallery into studio spaces. How each studio space is inhabited will be up to the discretion of each artist and collective. Some artists may choose to use the space as a studio, some as an exhibition space and others may simply leave their space empty.

By focusing on the studio, Solidarity seeks to address what is lost amidst the current rumour and speculation about the future of the art schools of Sydney. What is lost? It is time. Time in the studio to think and contemplate. Time to make mistakes. Time to have breakthroughs. And ultimately – time to focus on art and the creation of art.  

In conjunction with the exhibition there will be will be a program of events including a talk (that will focus on the current uncertainty and instability of Sydney's art schools and meditate on what needs to be done in order to ensure the security and diversity of art education in Sydney for the future) and a day of performance art. Program details will be released shortly.

It is hoped that this exhibition will be the start of fruitful collaboration between current and past art school students of Sydney and that future exhibitions will occur, Solidarity simply the first of many to come. 


Expanded Photography opens Friday 5 May at 6-8pm

Open 11am - 5pm Fri - Sun 6-21 May 2017, 
opening Friday 5 May 6-8pm
Artists' Talks Saturday 13 May 3pm

Expanded Photography shows the work of artists Jack Banduch, Yvette Hamilton, Matt James, Noelene Lucas, Katherine Scott, Enrico Scotece, Sardar Sinjawi, Ioulia Terizis, Amanda Williams and Julian Woods.

Expanded Photography reflects on relationships between the virtual space of the photographic image and the live space in which it is located. It shows the work of artists whose practices explore such spatial relationships or otherwise reflect on the nature of photography, whether from the primary position of a photographer or that of an installation artist. 

The exhibition is designed by Articulate to support the interdisciplinary potential being explored within artpractices that are sometimes also more discipline-specific. It is also designed to explore ways in which the spatial concerns of Articulate can engage with the photographic concerns being emphasised by many exhibition around Sydney during Head On. 

Jack Banduch Concrete Ambivalence 2015.  Jack Banduch's work addresses the post-photographic gaze. His work aims to distort the material and receptive legibility of the photographic image to facilitate a renewed, potentially emancipatory platform for viewing. jackbanduch.com
Yvette Hamilton Viewfinder 2015 Cementa15 photo Ian Hobbes 

Yvette Hamilton's work charts the evolution of self, being and presence, as influenced by evolving technological heterotopias through the mediums of photomedia, video and interactivity. She has exhibited in widely in Australia and in London and Slovenia and has recently completed her MFA (Research) at Sydney College of the Arts. www.yvettehamilton.com
Yvette Hamilton​ Lightness #1 2016.  'Lightness' is a series of diptychs that are reductive self-portraits which contemplate the idea of the double. The left-hand image is an animated lightbox and the right-hand image is a photograph of the lightbox. 

Matthew James Coogee 2015, 2015, 3 rolls of Velvia 120 slide film housed in wooden light box, 
 'There is such a great difference between experiencing a landscape firsthand and seeing it mediated through a photograph. In the former, the potential of peripheral vision is not limited. . . Using a self-developed photographic process and a customised analogue camera, I capture images of the ocean that cover a whole roll of medium format photographic slide film – an attempt to make the largest image possible within the constraints of the medium.' from photoaccess.org.au/files/MatthewJames.web.pdf.  mattjamesimage.com  
Noelene Lucas, Breath, 2013 (video still - see part of moving image here)
  'Breath' is not really a photograph, as it first seems. It is included in this exhibition because the surprising arrival of a breeze during the making of the video shifts attention from the content to the medium, making visitors wonder why the dog is motionless, because they see it is not because it is a photograph. 
Katherine Scott  Imperfection in more than three worlds (detail) 2016 
Katherine works back and forth between the still photographic image and the changing environment from which it is drawn. Her recent work is reminiscent of Carol Rudyard's 1980s and 90s pairing of the camera's and the visitor's slow scanning of the immediate environment, but further complicated by the escape of the image back into that environment which by then is also no longer what is was when it made the image.

Enrico Scotece Untitled  Fibre Base Silver Gelatin Contact Photograph 121 x 94mm
Enrico Scotece's work shows a continuity between images and the locations in which they are made by using methods, such as the pin-hole camera, that leave traces of the physical process of image-making. 

Sardar Sinjawi, After a Beam of Light, Space Ideation 2014.  Sardar Sinjawi is working on a Space Ideation project in which large images are formed through the interaction of reflections on close, transparent surfaces that, depending on light conditions, are read as large images on more distant surfaces. While they can be documented permanently in photographs, they are most surprising in actual space because they show us images that we already see but overlook, images that are commonplace in modern cities but fleeting because of our mobility.

Ioulia Terizis Slivers and Shard 2017 Gelatin Silver Photograph   83 x 113 cm
Ioulia is a multi-disciplinary artist engaging with materiality, form and  the nature
and processes of perception.  Her photographs merge the form of the photograph 
and the content of the image, exploiting the photograph's characteristic reduction
to create ambiguities of both form and content.   
Amanda Williams is an installation and photomedia artist whose work explores the history of photography and architectural modernism.  In this work Amanda explores the concept of entropy by using photographic materials and processes that evolve and change over time.   http://www.awilliams.com.au/

Amanda Williams, Contemplation Hollow, 2013

Julian Woods  Spirit Life Through Breath 2015 (projected video)
Julian Woods is a Sydney based inter-disciplinary artist. Completing honours in Art History from the University of Sydney in 2015 his current approach to art considers interactions to the environment, spaces, and time. To date, Julian's work has explored relationships between images and their locations through the simplification of images that, when projected onto wallsstairs etc, have their 'natural' movement recontextualised by their new environment.


Systems: Air and Water - closing drinks Sunday 30 April 2-4pm

Come and see the rest of each of these artworks, and celebrate the conclusion of Systems: Air and Water with the artists on Sunday afternoon.  

Deborah Porch Facts of Life 2017 (detail) 

Deborah Porch life-line 2017 (detail)
Hilarie Mais System 10 2016 (detail) 
Hilarie Mais Window (Sense 3) 2005 (detail)

Anne Graham Feather Cloud 2017 (detail)

Noelene Lucas Sacrifice Zone 1 2017 (detail)

Noelene Lucas Sacrifice Zone 2 2017 (detail)

Eugenia Raskopoulos Openborders 2017 (detail)

Sue Callanan Air into Water: Water into Air 2017 (detail)


Systems: Air & Water opened last night

Systems: Air & Water has a Closing Event on their last day, Sunday April 30 at 2-4pm. Please come along and celebrate their project with them.

downstairs left: Noelene Lucas; centre: Eugenia Raskopoulos; right: Sue Callanan; upstairs: International Drawing Collective

Sue Callanan

left: Hilarie Mais; right: Noelene Lucas

Noelene Lucas

left: Anne Graham; right: Hilarie Mais

Noelene Lucas
Debra Porch