Coming - PLACE

Opening Friday 3 March, 6-8pm
4-19 March 2017
P L A C E 

P L A C E explores the connections between sound, place, time and identity through visual and sound worlds. Developing over the course of the exhibition period, the first week will be dedicated to “open studio” installation and experimentation between collaborators, followed by live performances within the installation, of music both written and improvised.

Visual Artists
Brigid Burke
Nathalie Hartog-Gautier
Penelope Lee
Holly Ryder-Ingham
Alfeo Sanches-Pereira
Peter Smith
Rachel Jones

Corrina Bonshek
Ursula Caporale
Stephen Ingham
Margery Smith
Hollis Taylor
Felicity Wilcox

Ananias Carlos (Otopsy Klamar)
Ros Dunlop - clarinet/bass clarinet
Julia Ryder - cello
Margery Smith - clarinet/saxophone
Hollis Taylor - violin

Musician/Sound Artist
Alex Spence

Performance times

Friday 3rd March (short performance at opening)
Sunday 5th March 3pm
Saturday 11th March 3pm
Sunday 12th March 3pm
Saturday 18th March 3pm
Sunday 19th March 3pm

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